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    The PLR Gal Mission

    My mission here at The PLR Gal is to help other online business owners grab a quick win with already done products. With a small investment of time, they can transform these PLR Canva templates into something all their own.

    This will give them a product to sell, give away as a great opt-in to increase their email list or bonuses for their existing products.

    These PLR templates are simple and easy. They are priced reasonably so not only are they perfect for those in the “messy middle” (as a good friend refers to those intermediate creators), but also for beginners just starting to get some selling traction.

    How It Works

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    Here are some of the questions purchasers might have:

    Yep. You do need Canva to use these. They are templates that open right in Canva. The free version will work just fine and will allow you to edit the colors, fonts, and add in logos and other elements. All fonts and most elements used in the creation of these templates can be found in the free Canva version.

    Yes. You can change, edit, or just download as is to your shop and start selling within minutes. Feel free to edit the name of the planner, delete pages, or add more as you see fit. This can be used in your shop to increase income, as a bonus for another product, or as a freebie opt-in to increase your email list. You may not market this as PLR or resell this as a template.

    After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to your templates. Simply accept the invitation and get to work creating your very own version. You will have access to both the color version and the black and white minimal version.

    Due to the nature of the template access, we do not offer refunds.

    Be Apart The PLR Gal Affiliate Family!